At Comfort Solutions Heating and Air, we ensure that you get the highest quality HVAC services on the market and at an affordable price.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Comfort Solutions Heating and Air is committed to your comfort. We back our work with pride and are not afraid to put our name on it. This is why our customers get a 10-Year Labor and Parts Warranty on new equipment installations AND we can offer this same warranty to any properly working system up to 5 years old even if we didn’t install it. This can be the entire complete system to include your air conditioner, heater, evaporator coil, and thermostat or this can be as small as your heater for example. We not only cover the labor and the parts for the repair, we also cover any service call fee too!
That’s 10 years of comfort!
Note: Some rules and restrictions apply. Ask your Home Preformance Analysist for more information.



We want to be certain you will be comfortable. So if you keep your new equipment maintained, have any breakdowns repaired by us, and operate the system in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions, we’ll guarantee your new system will maintain at the thermostat Cooling 75°F on a 103°F summer day and Heating 70°F on a 15°F winter day.

If from the date of a complete system replace¬ment with all recommended duct modifications and system enhancements installed for a period of five (5) years those temperatures are not achieved (as determined by us after analyzing the system), we will make any modifications or replacements (equipment capacity upgrades only, not a change in efficiency, brand, or type) to the system which are necessary (not due to lack of maintenance and in accordance with above) to achieve those temperatures AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!



Our heating and AC installation will keep you comfortable… GUARANTEED!
We guarantee that when the equipment we install is seasonally maintained by us and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals, the system will perform as we have stated and agreed upon. We promise a temperature variance of no more than plus or minus 1 degree Fahrenheit at the thermostat and plus or minus 3 degrees Fahrenheit from room to room (with an electronic digital thermostat) from your thermostat setting whether heating or cooling your home (applicable to the scope of equipment installed by us only).

If the desired temperature selection is not achieved, we will make any capacity upgrades, modifications, repairs, or replacements necessary (within the scope of our agreement and equipment specified limitations; upgrades or brand changes are not included) to reach the desired temperature at no charge to you for a period of five (5) years after the installation date.

NOTE: This is based upon the design conditions for your area as stated on the Comfort System Agreement and the nationally acceptable practices as designated by ACCA and local codes as well as the manufacturer’s equipment specifications. If after we attempt to correct the problems and the equipment is still not operating properly, within manufacturer’s specifications, or to your satisfaction and a manufacturer’s representative has verified its failure or inability to achieve desired performance and no other alternative is available, you may invoke your money back guarantee.

This excludes variances in temperature from different levels within the home or problems caused by existing, poorly designed ductwork, whether known or unknown, seen or unseen. Setback recovery is excluded and considered normal operation.

When you sign anyone else’s agreement there is no assurance that it will provide the temperatures you hoped for. We guarantee that it will be the temperature you want. Others replace or install equipment… we assure your comfort and happiness.


Insurance against personal property damage.

Your home is your castle, and we respect it. All property such as lawns, shrubbery, carpeting, floors, walls, furniture, door frames, etc. are protected. Our technicians will wear floor saving shoe covers, finish protecting gloves when working on surfaces that may stain and will utilize furnishing protective drop clothes and traffic-area carpet/stair protecting runners.

They will use company-supplied cleaning equipment and supplies and will clean up at the end of each day’s work and upon completion of the job, take personal responsibility for your happiness.

Any damaged property will be professionally repaired by licensed and certified contractors or replaced. If repair or replacement is not possible, we will pay you fair market value for the item, plus $100.00 for your consideration.

As added measures of protection, we maintain all required municipality licenses and apply for all necessary permits. Additionally, we carry worker’s compensation insurance and $2.0 million dollars worth of products liability insurance (certificate listing you as an additional insured available upon request).



We take pride in our work and signature HVAC services. Our professional installation technicians are among the very best in the industry. They are the best in skill, attitude, customer care, and craftsmanship. Further, they are competent, clean, professional and concerned about your needs. They will show proper respect and care for you, your family, and your home at all times (no one will mistreat you or even your pets). They will not smoke, drink, or swear while on your premises, and are polite and courteous. They will take the time to review the agreement and the entire scope of work with you upon their arrival, and explain the work completed and equipment operation and maintenance requirements when they are finished.

Our technicians will complete the job with speed, accuracy, and precision. They will wear floor saving shoe covers and finish protecting gloves when working on surfaces that may stain and will utilize furnishing protective drop clothes and traffic-area carpet protecting runners. They will use company-supplied cleaning equipment and supplies and will clean up at the end of each day’s work and upon completion of the job, and take personal responsibility for your happiness.

We don’t stop there. We only hire the best-skilled craftsmen with positive attitudes, good driving records, clean bills of health, and impeccable employment histories. We conduct pre-hire drug screens and criminal background checks, and random substance abuse screens after hiring to certify that everyone is drug-free and that we employ no registered sex offenders or convicted felons.

We do not utilize sub-contractors, for installations and service except as required by the scope of work or by licensing, permit, code and inspections.

We intend to be the very best in our business and want to be proud of every job that we do. We make our decisions as if we ourselves were paying the bills. To this end, we use only the finest materials and best practices of the trade, and never cut corners, or do things the cheap way. All our technicians are factory-trained and certified and continue to receive ongoing training with all lead technicians being NATE certified (North American Technician Excellence certification). We intend to prevent problems rather than repair them. We want your comfort system to provide maximum capacity, efficiency, performance, and superior comfort in every area for years to come.

When our team of professionals has finished in your home, if in any way, they have not performed in accordance with these high standards, we will refund/credit whatever amount of the purchase price you feel to be fair and issue you at no charge a one (1) year Maintenance Agreement valued at $250.00. Should there happen to be an issue, all we ask is that you notify our office prior to our technicians leaving your home if you are present or otherwise within 24 hours. We are committed to satisfying our customers!



We put our money where our mouth is. If you choose to replace your old, inefficient HVAC system with one of our recommended complete upgrade systems, we guarantee you will save a minimum of 25% over the previous year’s energy bills in the first year under similar weather and operating conditions or WE WILL PAY YOU “Double The Difference” unrealized savings upon completion of a computerized weather data analysis and utility/energy bill audit for the same period at our expense.

Anyone can spout out projected energy savings and make it sound appealing. However, when you ask them to put it in writing and guarantee it, they usually begin to squirm. We are so confident in our solution, design, workmanship and the performance of the equipment when it’s installed properly that we will gladly pay you if we do not achieve the results specified in writing. And remember, you will still have complete recourse with our 100% money back guarantee. We dare you to find another company that will match our offer!

NOTE: If your system is not achieving the guaranteed savings level, the customer must notify us in writing immediately to allow us to evaluate system performance. Homes without an existing air conditioner do not qualify for cooling savings. A combination of factors will be used to determine energy usage. Usage, rather than cost is the determining criteria due to fluctuations in energy rates and inflation. Failure to realize the minimum utility savings is not grounds to invoke the money back guarantee. Tenant and unoccupied properties do not qualify. Utility calculated degree days, heating hours, cooling hours, ASHRAE bin temperature data and average temperatures will be used in calculations. Calculations assume continued similar usage patterns without any reduction. Usage increases are acceptable. You will more than likely realize at least the percentage savings specified for the complete system with comfort-enhancing necessities and duct modifications with which you invest by the end of the first year of operation, however, climate change and usage patterns may cause variations, and thus increase or reduce savings potential.



Everyone loves a surprise except when it comes from an HVAC contractor. Once the work starts, the price quoted is the price you pay, even if the job entails more work than estimated. We will not cut corners or compromise your heating and AC installation, the scope of work, system performance, or your safety due to our error or something unforeseen.



You, the customer, do not have to bear the responsibility for determining the correct equipment size, type, application and/or HVAC installation procedures. The product(s) installed will cool/heat your home to your satisfaction, or be replaced at no charge with the appropriate components (brand changes or model upgrades not included).



We understand that one of the biggest concerns homeowners have when having work performed is that contractors may make a mess, or worse destroy their home and/or material possessions. Because of the quality of the installation technicians and our high standards, we guarantee you that we will leave your home better than we found it or pay a professional and bonded cleaning service to come to your home and clean it in its entirety.



Never pay extra for repairs. Our commitment to our customer remains long after the installation date. We proudly extend to all our valued customers who own one of our maintenance agreements a Lifetime of No Overtime Service Support! Which means that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we will deliver our exclusive Service When You Want It, Need It, and At Your Convenience Not Our Leisure™ performance. You’ll never pay extra. Over the life of your system, this benefit can add up to hundreds of dollars in future savings.


Immediate relief upon your acceptance if you are without comfort.

If we are fortunate enough to earn your business today, upon your acceptance of the agreement we will act immediately to provide heating or cooling if do not have a working HVAC system. We will provide room units or temporary replacement equipment at our discretion to get you immediate comfort relief.



100% Right or 100% Free! Unconditional Warranty. We are not happy until you are!
If within twenty-four (24) months from the completion date of your HVAC installation you are not completely satisfied with the workmanship, manufacturer’s specified performance of the system we installed, our people or level of service; we will make any modifications to our installation as necessary to achieve your happiness or repair or replace any component at no charge to the customer (within the equipment specified limitations and sales agreement work scope; efficiency and/or model upgrades or brand changes are not included).

If we are unable to satisfy your concerns within the scope of our agreement, we will remove the system within thirty (30) days of your written request and refund 100% of your money so that you may purchase a new system from another contractor of your choice.

Should we fail to meet or exceed your expectations or those promised by us, we will buy back your system plus any interest paid for the first two (2) years.

NOTE: Your original system, when removed, will be recycled and is not available to be reinstalled should you decide to invoke this guarantee. This guarantee only applies to our Recommended Complete Upgrade Systems. Customer must afford company every opportunity to remedy complaint when notified. Excludes work by third parties, existing improper duct design, whether known or unknown, seen or unseen. Company shall be allowed three opportunities for corrective action.