As homeowners, we’re fairly accustomed to the general sounds made by our heating system. The sounds of it kicking on, running and cutting off are essentially white noise, and comfortably fade into the background when your sure that everything is operating as normal. But what if everything isn’t operating as normal. What do you do when confronted with an odd clunk, bang, squeal or pop coming from your heating system? Luckily for you, the experts at Comfort Solutions Heating and Air have the answers!

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Top Five Furnace Sounds Not to Ignore

Odd sounds from your furnace can be pretty scary, but there’s some good news.Generally speaking, each sound carries specific meanings. This helps, because it tells our experts what needs to be done, and where, making your furnace repair quick and easy. Sounds to keep an ear out for include:
Frequent cycling. You’re pretty familiar with the sound of your furnace coming on and off. But if that sound is coming at irregular intervals, or is happening too frequently, don’t ignore it! Too much cycling usually indicates an issue with the blower motor, or your furnace’s ability to maintain appropriate temperatures.

  • Banging or rattling. A loud bang or rattle is most often a sign of loose or damaged components literally banging around in your furnace. This one can be really dangerous for your system, as the loose components can do further damage to your system if left unanswered for too long!
  • Squeals. A high-pitched whine or squeal usually relates to the belts present in your furnace. They may have slipped, or begun to fray. That squeaking may also be from a lack of appropriate levels of lubrication on components or bearings, leading to excessive friction.
  • “Chirping”. Repeated sharp, high-pitched sounds aren’t super uncommon in older units. They usually relate to the blower wheel in your furnace. This is a quick and easy fix to a trained professional, so get it handled right away!
  • Booms and thumping. Particularly loud thump isn’t all that strange if it happens around the time your furnace kicks on or off. It’s usually related to your ductwork adjusting to temperature change. However, having said that if you notice it happening at regular intervals, it could have to do with the element or burner in your furnace. If that’s the case, you need St. Louis furnace repair!